A foot soak made for working moms

natural foot soak made with
nutmeg and peppermint


Know a hard working Mom who deserves a break?

Know someone with feet of a working woman who’s on her feet 50+ hours chasing a career, children or life in general? Gift her with a foot massage every night for her hard work without paying $60 a day for it. We’ve created the perfect gift – MegRelief’s Foot Soak.

MegRelief Foot Soak is the perfect addition to a working Mom’s self-care routine. Simply pour 4 oz into small foot bath and experience relief from the stress being a Mom comes with in minutes. The ingredients include Peppermint and Nutmeg which are essentials for healing. Other ingredients include ancient sea salt, Magnesium Sulfate, and 100% Magnesium.

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Grenada Nut Co. was birthday from a family in need of a serious pain relief for joint and muscle aches. Life doesn’t stop going and neither does the pain

MegRelief is an all-natural nutmeg oil blend designed specifically to help soothe and exfoliate rough, sore feet.

I order 5 bottles and the quickly sold out! I had customers asking for more.
– Shalonda ~ 2Hands2Heals
MegSoak feels amazing! The minute I put my feet in it, I felt tinkling that made me feel I was entering into another dimension, lol. I’ve never felt that way…not when soaking for a pedicure or when getting a foot massage. It’s just awesome. What was even more amazing, was that my feet were still tingling an hour and a half after I removed them from the tub. It is absolutely addictive. Megsoak is amazing and the perfect end to a 10 hour workday where I walk around and am on my feet all day. Even when I don’t work, I still find myself soaking my feet!
– Katherine