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This is, hands down, the best foot soak ever created! As a physical therapist, it is a reward after a long day of being on my feet. As a mom, it is how I treat myself after the children have gone to bed. As a wife, it is the one gift that my husband could give me for every occasion and know without a doubt that I would be a happy woman 🙂 I love this stuff! – Katherine

I suffer from multiple autoimmune diseases which keep me in different levels of pain daily. Over the last years, I have used Tiger Balm, Icy Hot, BioFreeze, Aspercream, and Lidocaine Patches prescribed by my doctor but, nothing has worked as well as MegRelief. Since using MegRelief I have cut the number of narcotics that I take daily. Thanks, MegRelief! – Michelle

I got this oil thinking it would help with my joints but when I also started using it on my temples, my headaches go away in minutes! I haven’t needed to use any over the counter medicine to relieve my migraines since using this product! Highly recommend! – Cara

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